Setup Citrix Receiver on Linux for UNSW MyAccess

注: 本文亦提供中文,你可以在这里找到它。

Citrix is a cloud-computing system adopted by the UNSW MyAccess system, students of UNSW who want to use this system should have Citrix Receiver as client installed on their computers. The developer of Citrix provides a Linux version of Citrix Receiver, while the UNSW doesn't provide a tutorial for linux installtion and setup.

As I have successfully installed the Citrix Receiver on Ubuntu 18.04.1 and established the connection to MyAccess, I have this article written to help those who have same case and in trouble.


  1. Citrix Receiver is not friendly to Linux devices with HiDPI screen (e.g. My XPS15 laptop with 4K monitor). Everything are displayed in an unreasonable size, which makes you struggle to read the text.
  2. The following precedures are only tested on an Ubuntu 18.04.1 installtion, installing on other distros are almost same, but I can't make 100% sure for nothing unexpected will happen.

First of all, download the Linux version of Citrix Receiver from its official site, the latest version is 13.10.

Debian and Ubuntu users should download Debian Packages; while Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS users should download RPM Packages. Selecting 32/64 bit Full Package base on your Linux installtion.

Dependency errors may occur during the installtion, the following commands should fix them.

// Debian / Ubuntu
$ sudo dpkg -i icaclient_13.10.0.20_amd64.deb
$ sudo apt --fix-broken install

// Fedora / RHEL / CentOS
$ sudo rpm -i ICAClient-rhel-
$ sudo rpm -Va

After installing, you can find Citrix Receiver in the menu of your desktop environment. A dialog box asking for login credential will appears when you run it.

The network infrastructure in UNSW is using the X.509 certificates issued by QuoVadis, which is not trusted by Citrix by default. To establish secure(SSL) connection to MyAccess, manually add the CA certificates of QuoVadis to Citrix's trust store is required.

$ sudo find /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla -regex '.*QuoVadis.*' -exec ln -s {} /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/ \;
$ sudo c_rehash /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

Run/opt/Citrix/ICAClient/util/configmgr &, add a new account in the Accounts tab.

Hit Add button, fill the address bar with, hit Enter then username and password are asked after a short waiting. They are corresponding to your zID and zPass. After successfully login, an account with aaa as name should exist in the list, if so, click Save and quit.

Last, click Citrix Receiver in the menu, instead of the dialog asking for login credential, a new dialog with a menu of multiple applications should appear. You can now run what you want in it.